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Dominik Osiński

Dominik had a strange idea during a bus trip. This idea led to development of the Colorophone system. Beside thinking about many strange ideas and doing some research he teaches instrumentation courses at NTNU. 

Dag Roar Hjelme

Dag likes to play with light and optical fibers. He is involved in many research activities from development of artificial pancreas to wireless monitoring of wind turbine converters. He teaches instrumentation courses at NTNU.

Patrycja Bizoń

Patrycja is an excellent biomedical engineer who works in Consciousness laboratory with research and development of new functions of the Colorophone system. Pat can positively work with everything from building VR spaces to LabVIEW programming.  


Stine Johanne G. Wang

Stine Johanne is passionate about creating excellent user experiences. She was responsible for conducting user tests and for the UX design of the Colorophone 2.0 app.

IT 2.0 - UX Design

Falk is our sound guru - being a talented composer and engineer, he helps us with understanding the connection between music and technology while designing an optimal sonification method for the Colorophone system.


Jon Petter Stokmo

Jon Petter is a 3D printing expert and an excellent engineer who likes LabVIEW coding more than spaghetti.

3D camera - design

Magnus Jenssen

Magnus worked on the 3D camera based Colorophone system. He is a super sharp guy, who developed a super cool depth detection algorithm. 

3D camera - depth algorithm

Colin Cina

Colin is a microcontroller programming wizard. He can write USB camera drivers with his eyes closed. Thanks to his contribution we were able to identify possibilities of implementing Colorophone on a microcontroller-based platform.

Microcontroller - video integration

Adam True

Adam was responsible for the audio synthesis part of the microcontroller implementation. You can easily call him a Mozart of microcontroller sound generation.

Microcontroller - audio integration

Lars-Kristian Dahl

Lars-Kristian implemented Colorophone method, external camera integration and picture viewer on Android mobile phones, without interrupting his training schedule. There is a reason why his favourite book is "The Pragmatic Programmer".

IT - Team leader, Android project and product manager, Developer, Architecture and system designer

Emil Orvik Kollstrøm

Emil was the team leader for Bluetooth beacons integration and contributed to sonification part of the app. He is a very good player and we mean both music and basketball.

IT - Beacon team leader, Developer

Daniel Martin Lundeby

Daniel was responsible for implementation of feature extractor and scaling as well as error handling in the Android app. He likes biotechnology and speaks the coolest Norwegian dialect.

IT - Report manager

Daniel Eriksen

Daniel was involved in developing of settings menu, Colormap and Colorophone game. Daniel is a true computer scientist.

IT - Developer

Philipp Zirpins

Philipp was responsible for integration of Bluetooth beacons and external camera in the Android app. He likes T-shirts (a lot) and has professional German sense of humour.

IT - Developer, System designer

Henry Skorpe Sjøen

Henry was managing the IT team activities. He has a (digital) system for everything.

IT - Team manager

Espen Sivertsen

Espen was responsible for Bluetooth beacon and external camera integration. He likes football and cookies.

IT - Developer

Andreas Myhr

Andreas together with Erlend was responsible for evaluation and implementation of different eye-tracking methods for Colorophone system. Now Andreas knows where you look better than you do.

Instrumentation - Eye tracking

Erlend Sanden

Erlend together with Andreas was responsible for evaluation and implementation of different eye-tracking methods for Colorophone system. Erlend builds electronic systems with his eyes closed.

Instrumentation - Eye tracking

Trude Telle

Trude can design everything as one beautiful piece of art. She has developed an innovative design of Colorophone glasses, which look marvellous. 

Product Design - "Sky is the limit" design

Joan Vilà

Joan got a challenging task of fitting existing components in a new design. And it was a full success! His design of Colorophone glasses is not only light and sporty - it is totally cool. Gracias amigo!

Product Design - "Off the shelf" design

Even Christiansen

Even is a natural born engineer solving every problem in the blink of an eye.

He is working with implementing blink control to Colorophone.

Mateusz Danioł

Mateusz is responsible for implementation of Colorophone on iOS mobile devices. While pursuing PhD, he develops apps for medical image processing. By using these apps your surgeon could operate with (almost) closed eyes.

iOS - Architecture designer, Developer

Edwin De Pano

Edwin likes challenges especially related to LabVIEW RT and FPGA projects. He implemented Colorophone code on myRIO. He is a master student at NTNU.

Instrumentation - Software development

Kawan Kandili

Kawan is a person reponsible for the PCB design and production in the Colorophone project. He is not afraid of surface mounted components and compressor noise. He is a master student at NTNU.

Instrumentation - Hardware design

Sindre Bjørvik

Sindre is a real "maker". He uses soldering iron like Jedi knight uses his sword. He likes Russian language a lot. He is a master student at NTNU.

Instrumentation - Implementation

Jørgen Kopstad

Jørgen dreams in 3D. That is why the last Colorophone prototype looks cooler than a Geordi's La Forge VISOR. He is a master student at NTNU.

Instrumentation - 3D design

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