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PhD projects - Sensory substitution

PhD students payed with the scholarships, employed for 36 months and will be responsible for the studies realisation. Each PhD student will be responsible for a one research line. The PhD students will be recruited following National Science Centre regulations. Candidates should have experience in scientific research confirmed with the reference letter. They also should have some experience with publishing scientific papers and presenting they research at the conferences. 


PhD student 2

MA in Neurosciences, Cognitive Neurosciences, Neurobiology, Experimental Psychology or similar.

Strong programming skills

Basic knowledge on MRI data analyses will be the advantage


PhD student 3

M.Sc. in Instrumentation, Electronics, Biomedical Engineering or similar.

Programming skills (JAVA, LabVIEW, C++, Python).

Practical experience connected to measurement systems development.


The main criteria for assessment will be:

- knowledge of theories and results of experiments presented in the literature (relevant to each research line),

- experience in planning and conducting experiments research as well as analyzing the data, supported by a very good master’s thesis and publications (relevant to each research line),

- a very good knowledge of English.

More info (in Polish)

Project description 

PhD student 2

PhD student 3


Please contact:

michal.wierzchon (at)

dominik.osinski (at)

for details.

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